Additional Services

Aquatic & Land Therapy

 You don’t have to be a swimmer to love the water.  We use stairs or a lift to help you access the water.  Your therapist is always by your side,  helping you move, reducing your pain and training your body to move without hurting.  We use buoyancy devices and weights to assist or resist movement.  Every session teaches you new ways to enjoy stretching and strengthening.  When you are done, we provide an individualized laminated aquatic program so you can continue to exercise in your own pool or return to our pool by participating in our FitPass program. But if water is not for you, we offer traditional land based therapies as well. 

Our Mission

Nutritional Counseling


Meet Eileen. She works with people who have determined that their health and the health of their children are a priority in life. She is an educator in the latest information about nutritional health.  As your coach, she will enable you to become more self-aware of your food choices and how they may be affecting your health, mood, mental capabilities and chronic diseases.    Maybe you already know what you should be eating but have been unable to the make the sustainable changes your Doctor prescribed.    Eileen will guide you through the hard transition from unhealthy to healthy food.  Meeting your lifestyle needs is key to success. She will present changes so that they fit into your comfort zone.  Eileen will help you discover what foods are best for your body and which ones will boost your health.  She can take your favorite recipes for comfort foods and create a healthy alternative that is delicious.    She has a passion for children and women who are struggling with their weight, gluten intolerance, diabetes or other chronic diseases. 

Eileen works independent of ATW

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Functional Diagnostic Nutrition


Meet Janice. She is our Practitioner of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition.  Janice assists our patients with finding the source of their inflammation. This helps improve the rate at which they can recover. She also works  at resolving additional health issues such as; hormonal imbalances, digestion, and toxicity, to name a few.  She accomplishes this through a comprehensive assessment and blood chemistry analysis.  Findings can be qualified through evidence-based functional labs as needed.  Whether the root cause of your complaint is food sensitivities, hormones or something else, Janice can move you from surviving and back to thriving again! 

Janice works independent of ATW

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