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Do I need a physician's prescription to come in for therapy?
In the state of Illinois, people have direct access to outpatient Physical Therapy services. That means that you do not need to see your MD or chiropractor before starting PT. However, during your initial evaluation you and your therapist will determine whether or not the assistance and input from your doctor is needed. At that time we highly recommend that you allow us to send the results to your MD or chiropractor as a professional courtesy so they are aware you are receiving care.
If you require more than 12 visits of therapy, we are required by law to notify an MD or chiropractor of your needs and include them in your care. Without a MD or chiropractor on your case you may not continue PT.
Please be aware that most insurance companies require inclusion of your MD or chiropractor in order to pay for services. If you are a CASH patient this does not apply, however the 12 visit limit applies to all.

Do I have to do my therapy in the water?
NO! We treat patients in our clinic using more traditional therapy methods.  But many find the water to be surprisingly comfortable and effective.

What insurances do you take
We accept most BCBS plans, Medicare and Medicare supplement plans. We also accept Tricare and several other small plans.  If you have Affordable Healthcare plan, we can apply for coverage short term because we ARE THE ONLY certified aquatic therapists in the area.

What are my options if my plan is not accepted?
Our goal is to not turn anyone away.  With that said, we have developed a self-pay option and a few other creative options to help you recover and get on your way.  We do advise that you schedule a FREE consultation to see if we can create a program to work for you.

What do I need to bring for water therapy?
We have HIS and HERS handicapped accessible restrooms complete with showers and lockers. You need a SWIMSUIT and TOWEL. Water shoes are highly recommended as wet floors can be slippery. If changing clothes is a challenge, we recommend coming dressed in your swimsuit and covered with loose clothing.

What do I wear for land therapy?
We recommend comfortable clothing that allows exposure of the affected areas without having to disrobe. Tank tops for upper body and shorts for lower body are best. We do have drapes to change into if this is not possible. You may come a little early to change in our dressing rooms.
Your typical shoe wear. Bring in other shoes if you have several sets that you use.