Our Mission

Our team of experienced professionals are trained to help you get back on track.  We treat you as a whole person,  one on one, not just an injured body part.  By looking at the bigger picture, we understand how each part of your body works with the others and then re-educate them to work together to reduce pain and improve overall function.   We don’t stop at just the anatomy, but incorporate good nutrition, body mechanics, and self help skills so you can maintain a more active life.   

How Can We Help

Aquatic Therapy and Wellness is a complete physical therapy clinic that provides faster and less painful care through the use of our warm water therapy pool, kept consistently at 92 degrees.  In water 3 feet to 10 feet deep, we treat patients of all ages, and medical problems.  We specialize  in complicated cases such as; Fibromylagia, Spinal Stenosis, Neuropathy, Vertigo and more.  We get results with those who have sought help before, and for whatever reason, were unable to get desired results.  Our secret is we treat the WHOLE body.  We start at the feet and work our way up, not limiting ourselves to the one area causing problems.


SHOULDER SURGERY is an example of rehab known to require months of therapy and is usually  very painful.  In warm water, patients find movements easier, less painful and strength progresses in the “overhead“ range more quickly. 

Water is also an ideal therapy environment for those suffering from LOW BACK PAIN.  The water provides quick pain relief.  When pain is reduced, patients are better equipped to strengthen their core and perform stretching exercises. This is necessary to stabilize and reduce pain when on land.  If a BAD KNEE or HIP is the cause of low back pain, we treat the entire cause  in the water during a single session.  

Land Therapy

We offer land therapy for those who prefer staying dry or when different therapeutic modalities are needed.

Meet the Therapist

Our staff has over 150 years of collective experience. We have extensive knowledge and work fabulously as a team.

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After 9 years, we have many success stories. Read a few of our most recent. 

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Additional Services

We treat the WHOLE body. So along with offering physical therapy, we offer services in Nutritional Counseling and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition. 

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